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  • First time Moms
  • Experienced Moms
  • Hospital Births
  • Home Births
  • VBACs
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum Support
  • Natural Baby Care

I provide private and group classes, in a full series or condensed format, which are all catered to the needs of each individual mom. These classes can take place in the privacy of your own home or in office space in Newburgh, New York.

Below is my full Course Content Overview, so you will know exactly what to expect from me. You can also register for one of my group classes.

Mind Body Connection to Childbirth

  • Feel connected to your body and your baby

  • Trust your instincts and your birthing body, as it guides you on what to do during your birth

  • How the mind body connection and how it can affect your birth

  • Understand how your body anatomy, physiology and hormonal aspects of birth

  • Break through the fear/tension/pain cycle

  • Transform the perception of pain and suffering into an empowering sensation

Comfort Measures and Labor Support

  • Labor skills (such as mindfulness, meditation, vocalization, releasing, relaxation and breathing techniques)

  • Self-hypnosis and body centered hypnosis techniques

  • How to be "active" in active labor and positions that are helpful

  • The use of water, movement and gravity

  • Opening positions to help facilitate your birth

  • Massage and touch techniques that will help increase your birthing hormones

Understanding the Stages of Labor

  • Recognizing labor stages through the emotional map of labor

  • Understanding how your body works during each stage of labor

  • Determining when to go to the hospital or to get your caregiver to your home

  • Trusting your body during each stage, especially pre-labor

  • Learning how labor scenarios can be different for every birth and accepting yours

Childbirth Choices

  • Knowing the right questions to ask to understand your childbirth options

  • Helping you find the right place and attendants for you

  • Education about various drugs and interventions and their risks and benefits

  • Learning natural alternatives and holistic approach to interventions

  • Cesarean prevention

  • How to prepare for one, if necessary

  • Having a safe and satisfying birth in any setting or situation

Preparing for the 4th Trimester

  • The first week with your newborn

  • Natural baby care

  • Breastfeeding (positioning, latch-on techniques, pumping, and more)

  • How family members can support breastfeeding moms

  • Some common challenges and how to avoid them

  • Postpartum care

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