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All About Fannie

Passionate About Supporting You!

My name is Fannie Huggins (Davis) and I have been immersed in birthing, breastfeeding, and natural childcare since 1985.

It all started with the pregnancy and birth of my daughter (1985) and son (1988). It was after my own experiences as a mother that a paradigm shift in my belief system began, not only within my ideas about pregnancy and birth, but natural childcare and attachment parenting. During this time, I became a La Leche League Leader and held weekly support groups for pregnant and new moms. It wasn't just about breastfeeding, but supporting moms who were raising their children in a natural and instinctictual way. We needed that support then, and I believe we still do today.


In 1992, I became a Bradley Childbirth Educator, which was a very radical path to take at the time. I continued this journey with a certification in Hypo-Birthing and the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. In a career spanning 33 years, I have attended countless workshops and trainings with some of the forerunners in the natural childbirth community. I am grateful that so many of these inspiring women and experiences have influenced the evolving Holistic Birth and Beyond Classes that I teach today.


In addition to formal education, I have supported over 1000 moms, which has taught me that there is no one “method" for giving birth. There are many methods that can be applied and combined in a way that works for each unique mom.


Holistic Birth means looking at the whole picture, and in doing so, you can make the right decisions for you and your baby. It is not my goal to tell you how you should give birth or what choices you should make. I aim to give you a well-rounded education that will empower you to birth your baby, your way. We will work together to help you find "your way" as you learn to trust yourself and your body to give birth.


Beyond childbirth classes, I can be there for you as you adjust to your new life with your baby. I offer breastfeeding and postpartum support that is grounded in practical knowledge and personal experience.

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